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A YRAIN supporter recently pointed out the 2003 Liberal Democrat Manifesto for the City of York, which is still available online at www.btinternet.com/~libdem.york/.

It contains this line:

We will oppose proposals to build incinerators, aiming instead to tackle rubbish levels with strategies for reducing, recycling and reusing waste.

This is the manifesto on which they fought the 2003 election, and took control of the Council. It was probably largely written by Steve Galloway, the then-leader of the York Lib-dem group. Cllr Galloway’s address is given on the manifesto, and he has a btinternet email address (see his page at on the Council website).

So this shows us either a) how loose a grip Lib Dems have on their pledges, or b) how little control they have over the situation, having thrown their lot in with North Yorkshire. Which of course is run by the Conservatives. The parallels are almost frightening.

Either way, Lib Dem Councillors in York should be given a free vote next week, to allow them to stand by their pledges if they choose.

It will be interesting to see if this document now gets changed! (Current page modified date is 6th April 2003)

This story was covered in the Yorkshire Post – read the article here. Council Leader Andrew Waller claims that the ruling Lib Dem group have done everything possible to enable another option – a pretty weak claim given that an alternative option was never even consulted on. Given Council big-man Steve Galloway’s past reputation for rewriting consultations (more and more – all scurrilous rumour, of course), that would have been a morning’s work.

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