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YRAIN campaigners on stall, Jan 2006

YRAIN campaigners on stall

A newly formed campaign group, Y-RAIN (York Residents Against Incineration) will set up an information and campaigning station in York’s Parliament Street today.  The group aims to persuade the councils of York and North Yorkshire to reject the option of building an incinerator to burn the county’s waste.

The group has expressed its anger against the public consultation on a Waste Strategy for York and North Yorkshire (22nd Nov – 3rd Jan), which offered two options, both involving the building of an incinerator.  “The consultation as it stands is a sham,” says campaigner Peter Sanderson.  “It must be redrafted to give people real options, and a decent length of time to respond.”

The campaign demands are:

  • The councils should adopt a ‘zero waste’ policy in which they progressively increase the amounts of waste recycled, composted or reused until there is nothing left;
  • Residual waste should go to a Mechanical-Biological Treatment plant, in which waste is separated out and recycled or composted where possible;
  • The public consultation should be re-opened, this time including a no-incineration option.

Sanderson explained the group’s stance: “An incinerator would be an expensive and polluting millstone around the councils’ necks.  Such a contract would encourage them to cop out of increasing recycling levels or reducing waste production.”

York currently recycles around 26% of its waste, and aims to reach at least 45% by 2010.  Other councils already recycle more and have more ambitious targets, such as Lancashire County Council, which recycles 35% and aims for 58% by 2013.

Summing up for Y-RAIN, Richard Lane said: “Incineration is both a waste of money and a waste of waste!”

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