York Residents Against Incineration

An article in the Independent on Sunday this weekend suggests that  UK may have to import rubbish for incinerators. According to Friends of the Earth and the Environmental Services Association, the UK risks following Germany down the road of building incinerators that they then struggle to feed.

As YRAIN has been warning from the very first, an incinerator would be a millstone around the Councils’ necks, punishing high levels of recycling. York and North Yorkshire Councils could face the choice of recycling less or paying to import waste from elsewhere. Germany nationally is now a net importer of waste.

Councils all over the UK are faced with the same choices. Most consider it safe not to break with accepted wisdom and follow each others’ leads, and are opting for what they consider ‘safe’ and ‘proven’ waste strategies. The result will probably be councils all over the UK struggling to find fuel for their incinerators.

The £900 million price tag for this waste plant may just be the beginning.

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