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A taste of what’s to come here in North Yorkshire: as waste volumes fall, councils who’ve already got big incinerators are having to make allowances to keep them running.

Sheffield City Council have received a planning application to allow the Bernard Road incinerator to collect and burn waste from a huge area of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. 15,000 tonnes could now be imported into the city, counter to a condition placed on the original planning application back in 2001.

At that time, the proponants of the scheme, Veolia Environmental Servcies, had claimed that any shortfall in waste volumes could be made up with commercial and industrial waste arisings (sound familiar?). But that didn’t turn out to be enough.

This application comes on top of a planning application in 2010 to allow them to reap 50,000 tonnes of waste annually from outside of the Sheffield Waste Disposal Area. They really must be struggling.

Nottinghamshire also has a waste management PFI process underway with Veolia, but recently abandoned their plans for an incinerator at Rainsworth after it was turned down by the Secretary of State. Now, several years of falling waste volumes on, they may rethink their plans and decide that a new incinerator just isn’t warranted whilst Sheffield’s is going so hungry.

A reminder: there already an incinerator outside Scarborough, and three planned for Leeds – it’s starting to look like a race to the finish to get the PFI credits for our increasingly scarce rubbish.

Read more on this story from the Sheffield Greens, or a detailed analysis and review of the Sheffield situation from UK Without INcineration. You can see (and object to) the planning application 12/03137/FUL on the Sheffield City Council website.

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