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Open Letter to Ian Fielding

October 5th, 2012

Back in 2006 a group from YRAIN met with Ian Fielding, Assistant Director of Waste and Countryside Services at North Yorkshire County Council. We put our concerns to him about the waste volume projections and the unambitious recycling targets. We pointed out how  many Councils before us had ended up with oversized incinerators which were burning money.

One of the points he made to us was that sizing is key. We have to get the contract right. That’s how we’ll avoid that.

We were unconvinced – after all, no-one goes into an incinerator project intending to get the contract wrong.

Now, six years later, we sent him an open follow-up letter. Not wanting to say “told you so”, but we consider that most of our concerns were bang on the money. The recycling targets are looking increasingly unambitious and the waste projections have already been shown to be way off the mark. And now there’s the matter of the EU’s Resource Efficient Europe resolution – intending that we outlaw all incineration of recyclable or compostable material (and indeed all incineration without heat use) – by 2020.

How can you square this with a 320,000 tonne per year burner, Mr Fielding?

“We would be grateful for any reassurance you could give us that there is a chance to avert the scandalous miscarriage of policy that now looms. The hard-pressed council tax payers of North Yorkshire, already suffering the cumulative effect of public sector cuts, should not be lumbered with this huge and unnecessary additional financial burden.”

Read the open letter to Ian Fielding here. We’ll let you know if we get a response.

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