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The planning application is validated and under consideration. Now is the time to lodge your objections and call for a public enquiry.

The reference for the application is NY/2011/0328/ENV – it is important that you quote this. The application can be viewed on North Yorkshire County Council’s Planning Portal – you can object here online also. If you prefer, you can write to the case officer by post:

Shaun Robson, Planning Services, Business and Environmental Services Directorate, County Hall, Northallerton DL7 8AH

Or by email to: allertonwaste@northyorks.gov.uk

You will have your own reasons for opposing the application. Our reasons include:

  • The proposed scheme will cause serious harm to the landscape, environment and economy
  • Mitigation proposals are inadequate to offset this harm
  • Need is not proven; the facility is too large, no business case is provided
  • The case for the selected technology is not made
  • The case for a single site is not made
  • The proposal is contrary to local, regional and national/EU policies
  • There will be significant adverse climate change impacts
  • The proposal will not maximise energy recovery from waste
  • There has been no proper public consultation
  • There will be adverse impacts on protected wildlife species
  • There will be significant traffic impacts, notably on the A59/A168
  • Cumulative impacts of this proposal alongside other similar proposals for the area are not assessed

It would be preferable to use your own words and choose one or two issues about which you feel strongly.

So – object online or in writing.

Call for a public inquiry

The issues that are raised by this incinerator are far wider than will be considered in the normal planning process. The facts that it will affect more than one authority area and will impact on council policy for decades, coupled with the enormous expense and controversy of the scheme mean that it should be examined at a public inquiry.

We are urging people to write to Eric Pickles asking him to call in the application for a public inquiry – you can download a model letter calling for a Public Inquiry (in MS Word format). Don’t forget to send a copy to your local MP.

Whilst the North Yorkshire planning department will doubtlessly rubberstamp the plans (the Councillors on the committe have, after all, already voted in favour of the plans), a refusal at public inquiry is possibly the only thing that might make the Councils think again. Planning inquiries into incinerators have been lost all over the country. This is a winnable battle. For the sake ofour carbon emissions, living sustainably and not wasting enormous amounts of taxpayers money, we have to win it.

And just to underline how winnable the public inquiry is, yet another incinerator has been cancelled, this time in Merthyr Tydfil. Read the story on the Friends of the Earth site.

Some things you may like to mention when calling for an inquiry:

  • No proper public consultation has been carried out
    The only consultation held, in December 2005, asked residents to choose their preference from two options, both of which included incineration. It was subsequently acknowledged that the consultation had not been carried out correctly and would be re-run. This has not happened.
  • North Yorkshire has no adopted Waste Framework
    North Yorkshire’s Waste and Minerals Framework was thrown out by a government inspector in 2008. North Yorkshire has not yet completed work on a new Waste and Minerals Framework, having only just completed the first of several rounds of consultation. The application is therefore premature.
  • The proposals are based on outdated information
    The Joint Municipal Waste Strategy behind this proposed facility was drawn up between 2002 and 2006. It has been overtaken by events. Waste volumes have now been on a downward trend for several years, and recycling rates are already approaching the 2020 target, so that the anticipated tonnage of residual waste (320,000 tonnes per year) will not be available unless recycling is scaled back. This would contravene PPS10, which says that waste facilities should not prejudice movement up the waste hierarchy.

We’ll post more here as we chew through the enormous pile of documents lodged with the planning application.

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