York Residents Against Incineration

York Residents Against Incineration welcomed the news announced today of the abandonment of plans for a gasification incinerator at the North Selby Mine site.

Science City York is to pull out of the project, which will now go ahead with only the anaerobic digestion facility.

This is exactly the right thing to do – perhaps they read our earlier post on anaerobic digestion?

It was never clear why Science City York wanted to endorse it, except possibly as a means to fund their planned renewables research centre. This will apparently take place at another site.

Energy created from burning waste is not truly renewable, whatever the Government says. It is polluting and inevitably leads to conflict with the need to improve recycling and reuse. Anaerobic digestion for organic waste is a great technology, and we commend UK Coal (who did seem receptive to public opinion during discussions at the exhibition of the plans) for embracing this in these new proposals.

It is not at all clear that any development will be allowed to go ahead on the North Selby Mine Site, however. The original planning permission for the coal mine required the land to be returned to agricultural use once operations ceased, and the Council is currently seeking the enforcement of this condition (see the York Press article).

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