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YRAIN has sent a written response to the Councils’ official consultation on the PFI incinerator. In it, we warn that planning to burn our waste for the next 25 years will lose jobs for the region. A strategy based on high recycling will create more wealth and jobs.

A strategy based on higher levels of recycling and composting would generate more money and more jobs for the region. A report (“More Jobs, Less Waste”) completed in September by Friends of the Earth has found that although landfilling and incineration involve larger volumes, recycling generates more than twice the revenue of the waste management industry. It also employs more than ten times the number of people per tonne of waste. A target of 70% recycling across the UK could generate around 29,000 jobs directly, with a further 22,000 jobs in related industries. Such jobs would include collectors, brokers, processors, end users of recyclates (using recycled materials in new products), remanufacturers and retailers. The alternative is to create “approximately seventy jobs” in burning the stuff.

AmeyCespa have claimed that their waste plant will not limit recycling, even though they will have to receive a minimum quantity of waste to keep their plant running, with the Council liable to pay ‘compensation’ if AmeyCespa are not able to generate electricity profitably.

AmeyCespa, in trying to reassure us about future recycling levels, talk about the possibility of achieving 55% recycling. This is frankly embarrassing – councils in the UK now are recycling over 60%. This contract will last until 2040 – we’re just not setting our sights high enough. We need higher targets, and this plan will not provide that.

Read YRAIN’s Response to the PFI consultation (PDF document).

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