York Residents Against Incineration

The battle against the Yorkshire Incinerator received a huge boost today when Harrogate Borough Council voted to “strongly oppose” the plans.

Not a single member of the planning committee spoke in favour of the scheme, which was roundly criticised on financial, planning, environmental, heritage, landscape and health grounds. Several speakers expressed the view that the planning application should be called in by the Secretary of State and determined at an independent inquiry, among them North Yorkshire County Councillor John Watson, who also put a strongly worded case against the scheme on financial grounds.

Our sister campaign, the North Yorkshire Waste Action Group, held a peaceful protest outside the meeting.

Whilst the planning decision will ultimately be made by North Yorkshire County Council, the objections of the local planning authority carry significant weight. In the event on NYCC granting approval, the application is now far more likely to be called in for a public inquiry.

Read the story on the Ripon Gazette website.

See video of the protest at the meeting on the Yorkshire Post website.

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