York Residents Against Incineration

On April 20th the Council issued an enforcement notice for the site of the North Selby Mine, demanding that UK Coal clear the site of all buildings and machinery related to its use as a mine. This is to comply with the original planning permission, which required the land to be returned to agricultural use within a year of the end of mining operations. Mining ceased on the site in 2000.

The buildings on the site are not really worth retaining; they are little more than single-storey breezeblock sheds. The only serious asset that the site has is its connection to the electricity grid, which is why it was identified by UK Coal for some sort of energy generation.

As YRAIN sees it, with this planning condition the only hope for UK Coal to develop the site was to get the Council behind its efforts, hence the “Renewable Energy Centre” greenwashing for its gasification incinerator, and the partnership with the Science City York project. Fortunately, few people were convinced that there was anything sustainable about the incinerator plan.

There is the possibility of appealing against the enforcement notice, but it now looks like the reformed plan driven by anaerobic digestion won’t get a look in. If only they’d got it right first time…

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