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News arrives of a similar big-box PFI incinerator scheme in Coventry being shelved after the Councils involved retracted their successful PFI bid.

The full story is available on the website of the Coventry Telegraph.

The PFI bid had been put together jointly by the councils of Coventry and Warwickshire, much as the North Yorkshire waste bid. However, Warwickshire already has an existing incinerator at Whixley which the Councils decided could be refurbished to last until 2040.

This came at the end of a five-year campaign, during which it became clear to the Councils that waste arisings were not increasing as they had originally expected (as has happened here).

So there is a precedent for a two-Council partnership turning down allocated PFI credits in the face of obvious overkill!

Read more on the story at the UKWIN website.

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