York Residents Against Incineration

Get Involved

Here’s how you can help join the campaign against the shortsighted waste strategy.

Most importantly – help us object to the plans!

Sign the online e-petition against incineration.

If you’re a North Yorkshire resident (outside of the City of York) you may find NYWAG’s “What can I do?” page more useful.

If you’re a York resident, print out our No to incineration petition against the incinerator. You can also download and distribute our Zero waste vs Incineration campaign leaflet.

Write to your Councillor to ask them to oppose plans for an incinerator. For York residents, you can find out who your Councillor is from this page on the Council website.

All York Councillors can be reached at:

The Guildhall

All North Yorkshire Councillors can be reached at:
County Hall
North Yorkshire

If you want to do more to help, please get in touch with us right away!

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