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An Freedom of Information request from Independent County Councillor Paul Richardson has uncovered the bill for legal and financial consultation on the Allerton Park incinerator project. The Wetherby Post on August and BBC Radio York are reporting that the combined spend by both North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council is £6.1 […]

The latest in the long long line of incinerator proposals left washed up after the tide has turned: Llanwern near Newport in South Wales. The plant was planned for a former steelworks site next to the Gwent Levels Site of Special Scientific Interest, raising objections from the Gwent Wildlife Trust. It was voted down eight-to-one by […]

Two City of York Councillors have successfully called for the Council to research an alternative to the Allerton Park incinerator. Reasoning, entirely sensibly, that the Council would not be wise to put all its eggs in one basket (still less one with so many holes in it), they have secured a “Scrutiny Topic” on the […]

A story appearing in the Private Eye describes how lax enforcement allows incinerator operators to get away with polluting. The official line is “modern incinerators are clean”. The need to meet stringent EU emissions guidelines has forced UK incineration companies to clean up their acts. The Health Protection Agency has given them a thumbs-up, so […]

Yet another incinerator rejected

February 20th, 2012

Now it’s Bedford’s turn. The Biogen Power gasification plant was designed to burn around 120,000 tonnes of non-hazardous domestic and commercial and industrial waste to generate both 20 megawatts of heat and 11.2 MW of power (it says here). The Council said no, Biogen appealed, Eric Pickles said still no. Here’s the interesting thing: one of the factors […]

The battle against the Yorkshire Incinerator received a huge boost today when Harrogate Borough Council voted to “strongly oppose” the plans. Not a single member of the planning committee spoke in favour of the scheme, which was roundly criticised on financial, planning, environmental, heritage, landscape and health grounds. Several speakers expressed the view that the […]

Just a quick one- Friends of the Earth are running an online petition calling on Caroline Spelman (Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to divert food waste into animal feed and compost, instead of incineration or landfill. 16 million tonnes of food is wasted each year, with much of it ending […]

Minister for the Environment, Caroline Spelman, has told Norfolk Council that she will withhold £169 million funding for their incinerator project. Norfolk Council had been warned in June that they need to demonstrate a “broad local consensus” for the project, which has attracted huge opposition locally. On Friday it was announced that the Government was […]

The planning application is validated and under consideration. Now is the time to lodge your objections and call for a public enquiry. The reference for the application is NY/2011/0328/ENV – it is important that you quote this. The application can be viewed on North Yorkshire County Council’s Planning Portal – you can object here online […]

An incinerator plan for St Dennis in Cornwall has been thrown out by the High Court, after being given the nod by Minister for the Promotion of Rubbish and Overdevelopment, Eric Pickles. The incinerator was part of a waste contract (PFI, inevitably) drawn up between Cornwall County Council and SITA UK in 2006. It would […]

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