York Residents Against Incineration

The front page story of the Independent today, entitled “Incinerator Britain”, was about the huge expansion in incinerators being planned. They reported that the Chancellor, George Osborne, was the first signatory on an anti-incinerator petition set up in his constituency. That was before he took up his current post, but you’ll remember that the proposed […]

North Yorkshire Councillors passed the incinerator plans today. The debate took up all morning and went into the afternoon session, with eloquent arguments being made against the incinerator both by campaigners and Councillors. The final vote was 49 in favour of the plans, 19 against with one abstention. The more even results reflected the more […]

At the Full Council Meeting on Thursday, City of York Councillors voted overwhelmingly to approve the incinerator plans. Two alternatives were put forward – one put by Green Councillor Dave Taylor which sought to delay approval until the competion of DEFRA’s waste strategy review, and one by renegade Lib Dem Councillor Christian Vassie to try […]

A YRAIN supporter recently pointed out the 2003 Liberal Democrat Manifesto for the City of York, which is still available online at www.btinternet.com/~libdem.york/. It contains this line: We will oppose proposals to build incinerators, aiming instead to tackle rubbish levels with strategies for reducing, recycling and reusing waste. This is the manifesto on which they […]

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