York Residents Against Incineration

Nottingham Council’s Development Control Committee unanimously rejected WRG’s application to expand the Eastcroft Incinerator. The push for incineration is coming from a “Labour” Government. Nottingham Council is Labour-controlled. If Nottingham can say “no” then why is Lib-Dem York and Tory-run North Yorkshire so keen to leap on Labour’s incineration bandwagon?

Despite our best efforts the outline business case was agreed by the Lib Dem Executive of the City of York Council. It’s time to gear-up our campaign to stop the incinerator. A Council mouthpiece claimed, quite untruthfully, that YRAIN has not suggested any alternatives. Clearly they haven’t listened to a single word we’ve said about […]

YRAIN today challenged the leaders of the City of York Council to justify spending £1.5 billion on its waste project, asking, how can this expense compare to an alternative strategy working towards ‘Zero Waste’. York and North Yorkshire Councils’ strategy is fundamentally flawed because it does not compare the cost of its incinerator proposal with […]

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